Leaks Construction LLC: “A New Age of Construction”

Mission Statement

Leaks Construction, LLC is a company whose strength comes from its core values. We specialize in many areas of construction because of our experienced staff and diverse work force. Here at Leaks Construction we are dedicated to our clients, striving to implement long term relationships based on safety, quality, timely service and anticipation of their needs.

Who is Leaks

Leaks Construction, LLC is a bonded contractor specializing in commercial interior finish work, serving businesses in the Philadelphia and surrounding areas. Founded in 2003, Leaks Construction has grown from serving residential to commercial clients. We are a union contractor affiliated with the Philadelphia Carpenter, Drywall Finisher, Plasterer and Laborer Unions.

Leaks Construction self-performs all work including but not limited to metal stud, framing, drywall, doors/frames/hardware, acoustical ceilings, and millwork fabrication and installation. We can provide these services on any size and type of interior project.



Dennis_ShortallDennis Shortall, President / Senior Project ManagerDshortall@leaksconstruction.com










Gordon Holbrook, Project Manager / EstimatorGholbrook@leaksconstruction.com

Buck_SchaafBuck Schaaf, Project Manager / EstimatorBschaaf@leaksconstruction.com


 Dan Shortall, Project Manager / Estimator-DanShortall@leaksconstruction.com


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Elizabeth Beckowski, Office ClerkEbeckowski@leaksconstruction.com